Title Description
Daily Musings Wherein we opine on more or less anything that strikes our fancy.
RF Zoom Resolution We test two wide and three telephoto zooms for resolution -- with mixed results.
A Tale of Two Dogs Comparison of two century old books, Lad a Dog and Bob Son of Battle.
Market Strategies & New Priorities Lament: why won't my chosen brand make exactly the lens I want?
HDR Metering & Bracketing Ever wonder how to bracket to preserve whites and maximize DR?  Read on. . .
New Gear Decisions With the transition from DSLRs to mirrorless, what gear should be replaced?
What's Up With Canon? Recycled lenses for the price of a small car?  Who would buy such an optic?
Cataract Confusion The dilemma of choosing an intraocular implant lens for cataract surgery.
New Camera In Town The EOS R5 one year later -- an update after the first extended bird outing.
Grip Gripes Wherein we dissect the debate regarding add-on vs integral vertical camera grips.
R3 News: No 8K, No 45MP. . . Back to the future? -- or back to the past? Yet another 20MP camera from Canon?
Natural Lighting in Photography Full sun or shade?  Clear sky or clouds?  Fill flash?  HDR?  Our thoughts.
Midway 2019 Movie Review Comments on Midway, 2019, positive and negative.
Tennis Serve Strategy Should a tennis player hit his/her second serve as a first serve?  Read on. . .
Testing 24-105mm f4 Lenses We test the resolution of the 2005 EF version against the new 2018 RF product.
Enter the Unicorn Canon's new R5 mirrorless promises both high frame rates and lots of megapixels.
Rebuilding Our Photo Kit A thought experiment selecting comparable gear from each: Canon, Nikon, Sony.
Breaking Thru the f5.6 Barrier Where will slow lenses stop?  Following the f7.1 RF 100-500mm,  f11 is here!
Slow Shutter Telephoto Imaging Passerines in the understory: high ISO noise or slow shutter motion blur?
Canon RF 100-500mm lens Canon's newly announced RF lens compared to the EF 100-400mm.
Budget Spherical Panorama Setup Adapting a gimbal tripod head for use with fisheye lens for spherical panoramas.
Austen in Movies & TV A brief review and evaluation of the many Jane Austen adaptations and spinoffs.
Personal Equation Common sense discussion of why nothing is ever "perfect," camera gear included.
Grumpy Grandpa's Gear Gripes Wherein your lovable curmudgeon censures irksome, vacuous Internet chatter.
What the Heck is a Pro Camera What, exactly, is a "pro" camera?  We apply information theory to the question.
Carrier War 1942 A look at the impact of four 1942 carrier battles on the course of the Pacific War.
Sensor Wars A look at the evolution of technology underlying digital camera sensors.
The Mirrorless Conundrum Which is the best camera technology, mature DSLRs or innovative MILCs?
Printing Software Money A discussion of the subscription approach to image processing software.
The Jane Austen Good Woman Jane Austen was not just a writer of romance novels but also a moral philosopher.
The Vole Patrol Before Lucky, there was a merry band of cats wreaking havoc on the local voles.
The Modern Forehand Technique of and a little history behind the modern tennis forehand.
Of Slams and Grand Slams Or, why four is not enough.  The tennis Grand Slam defined and defended.
1D X Mark II: First Impressions Early experiences with the new 1D X upgrade.
Custom Shooting Modes One approach to setting up Canon's custom shooting modes.  5DIV  R5
Not so FAST - It's Time to DANCE A remake of the old photographic cliche, "Focus, Aperture, Shutter, Think".
Tennis Greats The most accomplished male tennis players ever -- and how to pick them.
Managing Tennis Doubles Round robin doubles schedules and a method for assigning who brings balls next.
Testing the 400mm DO II Comparing the new 400mm DO II and the 300mm II at equivalent focal lengths.
Lady With an Attitude Wherein we reveal the adventures of our tortiseshell cat.  Torties are female-only genetic variations known for their feisty personalities, oft described as "tortitude."
Of Prodigies & Critics Thoughts on the emergence of youthful genius and the irrelevance of critics.
Canon & Dynamic Range The debate over Canon's perceived low ISO dynamic range deficiency.
Donkeys I Have Known. . . Those lovable equine creatures who persist in interrupting my bird photo sessions!
From Whence Creativity? Creativity: from the inner soul of dreamers or from hard work and perseverance?
My Lying Lens A whimsical look at the ethical debate over post processing limits in the digital age!
Tribes, Population & the Future Would those yearning for a simpler life really forego indoor plumbing & antibiotics?
Ecology and Nature Nature photographers and nature lovers have a stake in ecological sustainability.
Photography & Bait Feeding Our approach to using feeders, bait and sound calls to attract natural subjects.
Photographer or Gear? Why don't sports photogs use cell phone cams instead of those huge lenses?
Testing Camera Lenses Describes the methods and tools I use to test camera lenses.
How We Process Images Describes the workflow used to edit, finalize and preserve images.
A Telescope Odyssey Discusses that other great avocation in my life, astronomy.
Site Info Info on copyrights, privacy, non-commercial, site navigation, etc.
About Gray Fox Images Describes how our interest in nature photography came about.