All images on the Gray Fox Images web site are copyrighted by the owner/creator of the image, and all rights are reserved under US copyright laws.  Images may not be downloaded or otherwise used without written permission of the artist.  Written material may be quoted under fair use so long as attribution is given.

Images in the Gray Fox Images Portfolio are not available for purchase.  On the other hand we do wish to support education and research, particularly as it relates to nature and wildlife preservation, conservation, environmental sustainability, public awareness and like purposes.  As a result, images in the Nature Portfolio may be made available at no cost to qualifying organizations on a one-time right-to-use basis for educational or scientific research purposes.

Contact me if you are interested in use of an image for a related purpose.

For me, photography is a hobby and a source of personal enjoyment.  I do this for fun and because I love nature, I enjoy being outdoors, and I enjoy the challenge of getting close enough to nature's creatures to photograph them without disturbing them.  The Travel and Tennis portfolios are similarly undertaken solely for personal reasons.

It is frequently the case that photography at historical and cultural sites, if permitted at all, is governed by legally binding guidelines and restrictions.  For instance, a distinction is normally made between personal use and commercial imaging.  Where photography is permitted for personal enjoyment, commercial use of such images without prior written permission of the respective organization is strictly prohibited.  Visitors to this site are doubly forewarned that all Travel images on this web site are for personal enjoyment and must be assumed to be covered under this stricture.

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