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Before this trip I had never seen an eastern meadowlark -- other than in other peoples’ photos, which I envied greatly, because this species is absolutely beautiful and seems to always be singing!  Nor was I expecting to see them on this trip.  So it was with great surprise that I happened to glimpse a flash of yellow in the dry grass of a pasture as we were leaving one of the lake roads at dusk one afternoon.  It might have been Lake Cypress Road or Joe Overstreet, I really don’t remember.  But there it was, my first ever eastern meadowlark, alertly watching my every move from the grass.

I got out the big rig and set up in the roadside grass.  It was a tough situation.  Light was fading fast which meant slow shutter speeds, and the tripod was resting on a mat of thick grass which meant support wasn’t the steadiest.  Thank goodness for image stabilization!  The bird was a good distance away so filling the frame wasn’t possible.  And since the bird was in the grass isolation from the background wasn’t possible either.  But I was thrilled to finally capture a species that I had previously only seen in others’ photos.  More than that, where there was one there were bound to be more.  I couldn’t wait for the morrow.

Sure enough, the next day I happened on another meadowlark, but unfortunately this one was perched such that it was almost fully backlit, and a couple of small sticks intruded on the composition that just couldn’t be eliminated.  I went on to other things, hoping for a better opportunity.  I thought I had found it when I came across a sitting bird on a fence post in good light, but the bird eyed me suspiciously, gave a few trills and fled.

Then, it finally happened – I came across a large and well colored specimen perched on a fence post with open field beyond.  It was a beautiful bird in light that, while not perfect, was good enough -- slightly side lit, but if one waited for proper posture and head turn one would be rewarded with a good image.

I must have stayed with this individual for fifteen or twenty minutes, photographing from my car with a midrange telephoto.  It was aware of me but not particularly alarmed.  It stood up, it turned its head, it looked down at its feet, it did a wing stretch, it retracted its head toward its body, it scratched its neck on the fence post, it sang to me, and finally, when it was good and ready, it made its departure.

Patience at last had found its reward.


Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A1838 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A1855 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A1976 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A1997 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2002 copy
Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2005 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2010 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2032 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2060 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2061 copy
Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2066 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2073 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2089 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2093 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2110 copy
Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2121 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2126 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2143 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2146 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2153 copy
Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2160 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2190 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2196 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2208 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2221 copy
Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2222 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2230 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2231 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2246 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2250 copy
Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2267 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2277 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2289 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2301 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2306 copy
Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2310 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2314 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2315 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2321 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2326 copy
Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2329 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2342 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2343 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_D4A2345 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6603 copy
Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6620 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6642 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6818 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6826 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6832 copy
Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6838 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6846 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6869 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6877 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6879 copy
Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6884 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6886 copy Meadowlark-JoeOverstreetRdFL-2011Feb_S3A6887 copy