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Oyster Bay in Storm and Sun

A rental house on Oyster Bay has many advantages.  The sunrises are beautiful, kayak launches are easy, and the setting is quiet and private, away from the hustle and bustle of the main beach and tourist thoroufares.  Producing a panorama of the vista from our rental house has long been a goal, but it has proved elusive over the years.  One has to have landmarks for panorama stitching programs to operate.  The far shore, Morris and Assateague Islands, are quite distant, forming only narrow strips on the horizon, far across Oyster Bay, and so finding suitable detail for stitching isn’t easy.

After several unsuccessful years, this trip produced a harvest of panoramas and high dynamic range (HDR) images.  Despite heavy winds, high seas and unseasonably cool temperatures the first three days, we managed to get several sunrise and daytime cloud formation captures.

On the family front, kayaking has become a big deal, with early morning and late afternoon forays out into Oyster Bay and to Morris Island a frequent feature.  The obvious restrictions were in place, but things had loosened up enough so that businesses and restaurants were in operation, albeit with limited numbers of patrons.  So, our usual daily schedule was largely unchanged from past years.  Everyone dined well and shopping happened!

This was perhaps just as well, for the bird and nature photography opportunities at the refuge were, while numerous and varied, nevertheless deficient in quality subjects and settings.  Heavy winds the first three days limited bird opportunities and made the few that were found a challenge to photograph.  At times, one was almost blown over by gusts.  Nevertheless, enough good captures were obtained to mark the week as a success.

However, on a negative note, winter storms once again had a severe impact on the Assateague beach parking lot.  The entire strip bordering on Little Tom’s Cove seems to have narrowed considerably due to beach erosion.  There is now only a few feet of beach in some areas, and the sand strip between the parking lot and “Tiny Tom’s Cove”, the small sheltered notch in Little Tom’s Cove next to the parkingl lot, is also only a few feet wide.  There is a very real danger that a future storm may sever the southern end of the island completely, creating a new island containing Tom’s Hook and the old Coast Guard Station.


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CanadaGoose_2020Jun20_4DXB6886 copy CanadaGoose_2020Jun20_4DXB6892 copy CanadaGoose_2020Jun20_4DXB6894 copy Cormorant_2020Jun20_4DXB6897 copy Cormorant_2020Jun20_4DXB6906 copy
FalseDandilion_ChincoNWR_2020Jun_4DXB8047 copy ForstersTern_2020Jun20_4DXB7646 copy GreatEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB6922 copy GreatEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB6984 copy GreatEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7215 copy
GreatEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7230 copy GreatEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7231 copy GreatEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7246 copy GreatEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7474 copy GreatEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7496 copy
GreatEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7522 copy GreatEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7989 copy GreatEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7993 copy GreatEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB8038 copy GreenHeron_2020Jun20_4DXB7615 copy
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LaughingGull_2020Jun20_3DXA4488 copy LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB7661 copy LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB7879 copy LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB7915 copy LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB8060 copy
LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB8067 copy LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB8073 copy LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB8081 copy LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB8388 copy LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB8389 copy
LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB8473 copy LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB8475 copy LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB8481 copy LaughingGull_2020Jun20_4DXB8487 copy LittleBlueHeron_2020Jun20_3DXA4382 copy
LittleBlueHeron_2020Jun20_3DXA4536 copy LittleTern_2020Jun20_3DXA4752 copy Mallaard_2020Jun20_3DXA4078 copy Mallaard_2020Jun20_3DXA4084 copy Mallaard_2020Jun20_3DXA4092 copy
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Mallaard_2020Jun20_3DXA4100 copy Mallaard_2020Jun20_3DXA4114 copy Mallaard_2020Jun20_4DXB6862 copy NorthernDiamondbackTurtle_2020Jun20_4DXB7708 copy NorthernDiamondbackTurtle_2020Jun20_4DXB7712 copy
NorthernDiamondbackTurtle_2020Jun20_4DXB7725 copy NorthernDiamondbackTurtle_2020Jun20_4DXB7733 copy NorthernDiamondbackTurtle_2020Jun20_4DXB7737 copy NorthernDiamondbackTurtle_2020Jun20_4DXB7746 copy NorthernDiamondbackTurtle_2020Jun20_4DXB7750 copy
OysterSkiff_2020Jun_3DXA4754 copy OysterSkiff_2020Jun_3DXA4756 copy Oystercatcher_2020Jun20_3DXA4461 copy Oystercatcher_2020Jun20_3DXA4469 copy Oystercatcher_2020Jun20_3DXA4473 copy
Oystercatcher_2020Jun20_3DXA4480 copy Oystercatcher_2020Jun20_3DXA4599 copy Oystercatchers_2020Jun20_3DXA4463 copy Rabbit_2020Jun20_4DXB7642 copy Rabbit_2020Jun20_4DXB7681 copy
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Rabbit_2020Jun20_4DXB7699 copy SnowyEgret_2020Jun20_3DXA4351 copy SnowyEgret_2020Jun20_3DXA4364 copy SnowyEgret_2020Jun20_3DXA4366 copy SnowyEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7303 copy
SnowyEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7351 copy SnowyEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7467 copy SnowyEgret_2020Jun20_4DXB7771 copy Starling_Chincoteague_2020June_4DXB7677 copy TreeSwallows_2020Jun20_3DXA4545 copy
TricolorHeron_2020Jun20_4DXB8102 copy TricolorHeron_2020Jun20_4DXB8139 copy TricolorHeron_2020Jun20_4DXB8154 copy TricolorHeron_2020Jun20_4DXB8172 copy TricolorHeron_2020Jun20_4DXB8187 copy
TricolorHeron_2020Jun20_4DXB8222 copy TricolorHeron_2020Jun20_4DXB8232 copy TricolorHeron_2020Jun20_4DXB8245 copy TricolorHeron_2020Jun20_4DXB8267 copy TricolorHeron_2020Jun20_4DXB8272 copy
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TricolorHeron_2020Jun20_4DXB8277 copy WesternSandpiper_2020Jun20_4DXB7108 copy WesternSandpiper_2020Jun20_4DXB7114 copy WesternSandpiper_2020Jun20_4DXB7141 copy WesternSandpiper_2020Jun20_4DXB7167 copy
WesternSandpiper_2020Jun20_4DXB7199 copy WhiteIbis_2020Jun20_4DXB7272 copy WhiteIbis_2020Jun20_4DXB7308 copy WhiteIbis_2020Jun20_4DXB7401 copy WhiteIbis_2020Jun20_4DXB7446 copy
WhiteIbis_2020Jun20_4DXB7499 copy Willet_2020Jun20_3DXA4153 copy Willet_2020Jun20_3DXA4192 copy Willet_2020Jun20_3DXA4235 copy Willet_2020Jun20_3DXA4246 copy
Willet_2020Jun20_3DXA4277 copy Willet_2020Jun20_3DXA4283 copy Willet_2020Jun20_3DXA4291 copy Willet_2020Jun20_3DXA4311 copy Willet_2020Jun20_3DXA4314 copy
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Willet_2020Jun20_3DXA4456 copy Willet_2020Jun20_3DXA4685 copy Willet_2020Jun20_4DXB8304 copy Willet_2020Jun20_4DXB8371 copy Willets_2020Jun20_3DXA4203 copy
Willets_2020Jun20_3DXA4207 copy Willets_2020Jun20_3DXA4634 copy Willets_2020Jun20_3DXA4652 copy  
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Oyster Bay HDRs
OysterBaySunrise_Chincoteague_2020June_5D4A2584-88-Ahdrle copy OysterBaySunrise_Chincoteague_2020June_5D5A1893-Are copy OysterBaySunrise_Chincoteague_2020June_5D5A1895-99-Ahdrle copy OysterBaySunrise_Chincoteague_2020June_5D5A1900-04-Ahdrle copy OysterBay_2020June19_5D5A1962-Efd copy
OysterBay_2020June19_5D5A1967-71-Ev copy OysterBay_2020June19_5D5A1987-En copy OysterBay_2020June19_5D5A2042-46-Ev copy OysterBay_2020June19_5D5A2057-61-Ev copy OysterBay_2020June20_5D5A2143-47-Ev copy
OysterBay_2020June20_5D5A2156-59-Etc copy OysterBay_2020June20_5D5A2165-68-Etc2 copy OysterBay_2020June20_IMG_4034-Em copy OysterBay_2020June20pm_IMG_4035 copy OysterBay_2020June21_IMG_4041 copy
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Oyster Bay Panoramas (Click for Panoramas page)
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