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This November visit to Chincoteague NWR produced perhaps one of the most paltry set of results ever.  Other than a few yellow-rumped warblers that responded to birdJam calls on the back side of the Wildlife Loop the only portfolio quality image came one afternoon on the Loop when a pied-billed grebe sat politely in still waters for a portrait.  Otherwise, in the colloquial vernacular popular today, "it just ain't happenin'!"


Cormorant_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_D4B0375 copy Cormorant_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_S3A5732 copy Cormorant_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_S3A5771 copy Cormorant_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_S3A5778 copy Cormorants_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_D4B0381 copy
GreatBlueHeron_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_S3A5716 copy GreatBlueHeron_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_S3A5722 copy GreatEgret_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_D4B0295 copy Grebe_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_S3A5793 copy MallardMale_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_S3A5810 copy
Pony_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_D4B0366 copy Pony_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_D4B0391 copy YellowRumpedWarbler_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_D4B0313 copy YellowRumpedWarbler_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_D4B0318 copy YellowRumpedWarbler_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_D4B0338 copy
YellowRumpedWarbler_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_D4B0339 copy YellowRumpedWarbler_ChincoNWR_2011Nov_D4B0346 copy      

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