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This was the second November visit to Chincoteague NWR, and although it produced only a few images several were good additions to the collection.  Memorably, a belted kingfisher sat motionless along the Beach Road between Swan Cove and Little Tom's Cove, staring out across the Cove for several minutes while several photographers clicked away.  The images were less than superb due to the fact that we couldn't get out in the Cove to get a proper angle and also due to the intervening block of concrete rip-rap used to stabilize the Cove bank.  Nevertheless, I was glad to get anything because belted kingfishers are notoriously flighty at the refuge.  Usually all I have to do to flush one is to slow down in my SUV and look its way.

I was also pleased with the mallard images as well as the ruddy duck capture, all of which were in good water settings.  The royal terns were quite a surprise, as they are seldom seen at Assateague Beach.  The gull wing blur was a lucky happenstance, a product of a low light level grab shot, but the image works well -- almost as if it had been planned!


BeltedKingfisher_ChincoNWR-ltc_2007Nov_E0K2065 copy BlackNeckSkimmers_ChincoNWR-wll_2007Nov_E0K1906 copy BlackNeckSkimmers_ChincoNWR-wll_2007Nov_E0K2032 copy BlackbackGull_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2531 copy BlackbackGull_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2550 copy
Cormorant_ChincoNWR_2007Nov_Y2F4977 copy Mallard_ChincoNWR_2007Nov_E0K1962 copy Mallard_ChincoNWR_2007Nov_E0K1963 copy Mallard_ChincoNWR_2007Nov_E0K2499 copy Mallards_ChincoNWR_2007Nov_E0K1977 copy
Oystercatchers_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2354 copy Oystercatchers_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2391 copy Oystercatchers_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2392 copy Oystercatchers_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2409 copy Oystercatchers_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2414 copy
Oystercatchers_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2448 copy Oystercatchers_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2472 copy Oystercatchers_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2482 copy Oystercatchers_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2507 copy Oystercatchers_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2516 copy
Oystercatchers_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2524 copy Pony_ChincoNWR_2007Nov_Y2F4723 copy Pony_ChincoNWR_2007Nov_Y2F4725 copy RingbillGull_Assateague_2007Nov_Y2F5086 copy RingbillGull_Assateague_2007Nov_Y2F5100 copy
RoyalTern_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2107 copy RoyalTern_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2143 copy RoyalTern_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2182 copy RoyalTern_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2207 copy RoyalTern_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2240 copy
RoyalTern_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2245 copy RoyalTern_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2292 copy RoyalTern_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2297 copy RoyalTern_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2303 copy RoyalTern_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2312 copy
RoyalTern_Assateague_2007Nov_E0K2344 copy RuddyDuck_ChincoNWR-wll_2007Nov_E0K1982 copy RuddyDuck_ChincoNWR-wll_2007Nov_E0K1984 copy RuddyDuck_ChincoNWR-wll_2007Nov_E0K1986 copy RuddyDuck_ChincoNWR-wll_2007Nov_E0K1989 copy
SnowGeese_ChincoNWR-sc_2007Nov_Y2F4739 copy SnowGeese_ChincoNWR-sc_2007Nov_Y2F4801 copy SnowGeese_ChincoNWR-sc_2007Nov_Y2F4822 copy SnowGeese_ChincoNWR-sc_2007Nov_Y2F4895 copy SnowGeese_ChincoNWR-sc_2007Nov_Y2F4965 copy

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