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Skyline Drive 2019 Big Meadows 360 degree panorama Updated: Overlooks
Williamsburg 2019 Shirley 2019 Berkeley 2019 Westover 2019 SherwoodForest '19
Shannon Air 2019 Chinco NWR 2019 Chincoteague 2019 JacksonShrine 2019 Ferry Farm 2019

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Budget Spherical Panorama Setup
If one likes to produce panoramas, thoughts may eventually turn to. . .
Grumpy Grandpa's Gear Gripes  Wherein your lovable curmudgeon censures vacuous Internet chatter. What the Heck is a Pro Camera
Too many choices?  We apply information theory to the question. . .

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Williamsburg II Shirley Plantation Berkeley Plantation Westover Plantation Sherwood Forest
Shannon Museum Jackson Shrine Ferry Farm Big Meadows Halloween
Balloon Festival Kenmore  Mount Vernon Wings of Freedom Highland
Monticello Timothy Hill House Wakefield Stratford Hall Richmond Zoo
Montpelier Sunken Road Chatham Scotchtown Flying Circus
Biltmore Chickamauga James River Williamsburg Switzerland

Essays -- Photography and More

Lady With an Attitude

Our longhair tortoiseshell cat was a rescued feral newborn, abandoned by its mother in our back yard.  (The tortoiseshell morph is a unique female-only feline anomaly with a reputation for . . . read more
Donkeys I Have Known. . .

. . . or, all about the genus equus, subgenus asinus-like behavior of all those hee-hawing non-photographers who have managed to barge their way uninvited into my personal space. . . read more
The Vole Patrol

Soon after we were married, my wife announced her philosophy of life.  It was to be,  “Daisies, daffodils and kitty cats!"  Since I had once had a dog named Susie and she had a cat named Michael. . . read more
Sensor Wars

In The Mirrorless Conundrum, we discussed our initial thoughts on mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras -- especially Sony’s role in driving the MILC market segment, in no small part due to. . . read more
Carrier War 1942

During World War II, the Pacific Theater saw the advent of a new form of naval warfare -- the use of aircraft carrier torpedo and dive bombers and fighters to attack the enemy's carriers. . . read more
The Jane Austen Good Woman

No writer in the English language, other than William Shakespeare, is better known or more enduring, and none is more beloved, than Jane Austen.  Published only as "A Lady" during her lifetime. . . read more
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Canon RF 100-500 Lens Budget Spherical Pano Setup Austen in Movies & TV
Personal Equation Grumpy Grandpa's Gripes What Is a Pro Camera
Carrier War 1942 Sensor Wars The Mirrorless Conundrum
Printing Software Money Jane Austen Good Woman The Vole Patrol
The Modern Forehand Of Slams and Grand Slams 1DX Mark II: First Impressions
Custom Shooting Modes Not so FAST, Time to DANCE Tennis Greats
Managing Tennis Doubles Testing the 400mm DO II Lady With an Attitude
Of Prodigies & Critics Canon & Dynamic Range Donkeys I Have Known. . .
From Whence Creativity? My Lying Lens Tribes, Population & Future
Ecology and Nature Photography & Bait Feeding Photographer or Gear?
Testing Camera Lenses How We Process Images A Telescope Odyssey

A Collection of Panoramas

Thirty Years at Chincoteague NWR
    June 2020 June 2019 June 2018 June 2017 June 2016 June 2015
June 2014 June 2013 Nov 2012 June 2012 Nov 2011 June 2011 Nov 2010 June 2010
May 2009 Nov 2008 Nov 2007 May 2007 Nov 2006 10 May '06 6 May '06 Mar 2006
Oct 2005 May 2005 Mar 2005 Oct 2004 May 2004 Oct 2003 June 2003 Nov 2002
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June 2018

After years of staying in an excellent house well suited to our situation -- and having been forced to look elsewhere when it was sold for non-rental use -- we've finally settled on another exceptional house, this one on the Oyster Bay side of the Island.  There's plenty of room for . . .  read more
June 2017

After years of discussions, public meetings and planning, Assateague Island National Seashore will have a new recreational beach.  Someday, when the budget can accomodate the estimated $15-20 million needed to execute the beach development plan.  Hurricanes, nor'easters and even. . . read more
June 2014

This was the Year of the Bunny at Chincoteague NWR.  In over twenty years of visiting the refuge, sometimes twice or even three time per year, I had accumulated only six rabbit images worth posting.  (The seventh image appearing in the Fauna portfolio was captured along Hallie. . read more
November 2010

This visit to Chincoteague NWR turned out to be the most productive November visit ever.  The trip was made in conjunction with a few other nature photographers, and we happened to hit the refuge at a peak of waterfowl migration.  In fact, the refuge was also overrun with photographers. . . read more

October 1999

In 1999, bird photography finally went big time for me.  That is to say, big lens big time -- 500mm f/4 big time.  Finances finally permitted, and this trip was a learning session in preparation for a Florida photo tour with a well-known pro photographer.  It also saw a move from Minolta. . . view gallery
June 1990

This was the year that started it all.  My wife suggested that we abandon our annual beach trips and vacation instead at Chincoteague NWR.  She wanted to reconnect with the ducks and geese she grew up with.  I bought my first telephoto lens, and I was totally hooked the first time I looked through the. . . view gallery

Nature & Outdoor Trips

    Shannon Air 2019 Skyline Drive 2019 Skyline Drive 2018
Halloween 2018 BalloonFestival2018 Skyline Drive 2017 MammothCave 2017 Richmond Zoo 2017
Skyline Drive 2016 Wings WWII 2016 MtVernon Fox 2016 MtVernon Cav 2016 Sunrise Silo 2016
Skyline Dr Oct 2015 Skyline Dr May 2015 Richmond Zoo 2014 Flying Circus 2013 E. Meadowlark 2011
Overstreet Rd 2011   Viera Wetland 2011 Central Florida 2011 Merritt Island 2011 Skyline Drive 2010
Smoky Mtns 2009 Florida 2008 Barnegat Light 2007 Skyline Dr Sep 2007 Skyline Dr Jun 2007
Great Falls NP 2007
Florida 2006
Skyline Drive 2005  North Georgia 2005
Bombay/Mahon2005 Barnegat Light 2005 Bombay Hook 2004 Bombay Hook 2004
Florida 2000

History & Architecture Trips

Williamsburg 2019 Shirley 2019 Berkeley 2019 Westover 2019 Sherwood 2019
Chincoteague 2019 Jackson Shrine 2019 Ferry Farm 2019 Ferry Farm 2016 Kenmore 2018
Mount Vernon 2016 Monticello 2016 Highland 2016 T. Hill House 2015 Wakefield 2015
Stratford Hall 2015 Montpelier 2014 Sunken Road 2014 Chatham 2014 Scotchtown 2013
Biltmore 2009 Shirley2006 Berkeley2006 Williamsburg 2006 Williamsburg 2005
Biltmore 2005 Chickamauga 2004 Kenmore 2004 Williamsburg Scans Switzerland 1997

Tennis Photography at the W&S Open
2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Of Slams and Grand Slams

Or, Why Four in a Row Is Not Enough. 
The failure of Novak Djokovic to covert his 2016 Wimbledon opportunity on the way to a historic Grand Slam, winning all four slam events in the same calendar year, the in the same calendar year, the only “Grand Slam". . . read more
Roger Federer

20 slam titles,
five year end no 1,
302 weeks No 1,
six year end titles,
28 Masters titles, olympic doubles gold 2008, Davis Cup 2014 . . view image gallery
Tennis Greats

Any time tennis fans get together the conversation sooner or later turns to the question of who is the greatest player of them all.  Such discussions are intriguing but too often they focus on recent players, and many fans are woefully unaware of the more distant history of the game. . . . read more
Raphael Nadal

19 slam titles, 35 ATP Masters titles, five times year end No. 1, Olympic Singles Gold 2008, Doubles Gold 2016, four Davis Cup titles. . . view gallery
The Modern Forehand

Tennis has undergone a number of significant changes over the past few decades.  Innovations involving technology, technique, conditioning and, to a lesser extent, court surfaces have created an all-court sport that is, at the. . . read more
Novak Djokovic

17 slam titles, career Grand Slam, five times year end No. 1, five year-end titles, 34 Masters titles, Davis Cup 2010. . . view gallery
Lindner Family Center Panoramas

Bryan Brothers

16 slam titles, Lifetime Grand Slam, 2012-13 Golden Slam, 36 ATP Masters titles, 4 ATP year end finals, 100+ titles, 1000+ wins, 2007 Davis Cup. . . view gallery
Managing Tennis Doubles

In doubles groups with no fixed membership, anyone can show up on a typical day and play, and usually after one set partners switch to a new combination according to a preferred scheme.  Some groups use a winners-play-winners. . . read more

Backyard Flora & Flauna
  Birds 2020 Birds 2019 Fauna 2018  
Birds 2018 Birds 2017 1DXII MaySep 2016 Birds MarMay 2016 Snow JanFeb 2016
Birds Spring 2015 Birds Snow Feb 2015 Birds Spring 2014 1DX Snow Mar 2014 Flora 2014-2015
600II MarApr 2013 FloraBugs Spring 2013 Birds May 2012 Flora MayJune 2011 Flora MayJuly 2010
Turtle MayJuly 2010 1DIV Birds April 2010 Birds Snow Feb 2010 800mm Jan 2010 Birds Summer 2009
Flora July 2009 BugsBirds June 2008 Amarylis Dec 2007 Fauna June 2006 Flora JulyNov 2005
Birds Winter 2005 Birds Winter 2004 Flora Slides 2003 Bluebirds Aug 2003 Birds Film 2002

Astronomy and Sky Stuff
A Telescope Odessey

I became fascinated with optics and the sky at an early age. I bought my first telescope at 15 years with money earned mowing yards and selling greeting cards door to door. The scope was a 4" Criterion Dynascope Newtonian reflector with the original Criterion "Z" style equatorial mount -- which consisted of a flimsy kink in the shaft that. . . read more
Solar System Photography. . . view gallery

Measuring the Universe: A Brief History of Time and Distance from Summer Solstice to the Big Bang (PDF) How We See The Sky: The Physics and Physiology of Visual Astronomy (PDF)
Filters and Coatings for Visual Astronomy (PDF) Outfitting the Compleat Astronomer (PDF)
Collimating Newtonian Reflectors (PDF) How Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescopes Work (PDF)
Night Sky Resource Page Deep sky object lists Fun Sun Facts! (PDF)
Total Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017 Solar Eclipse Time Lapse 21 Aug 2017
Eclipse Animation 21 August 2017 Viewing the Eclipse 21 August 2017
Super Moon - Dec 2017 Sun Lunt H-Alpha ZWO - 4 Oct 2016
Sun in H-Alpha - July 2016 Moon - June 2014
Jupiter Venus Mercury - May 2013 Comet PanSTARRS - March 2013
Sun in H-Alpha - 2012 & 2013 Constellations -  May 2010
Lunar Eclipse - February 2008 Lunar Eclipse - November 2003