Welcome to the Gray Fox Images Astronomy Page. Actually, I've been doing astronomy for a lot longer than photography -- since about the age of 15 -- and it's every bit as enjoyable.  In the case of astronomy, it's not only a hobby but also a scientific interest as well.  Although I don't do all that much astrophotography, I do occasionally combine the two hobbies. On or linked from this page you will find the following:

  • Total Solar Eclipse - 21 Aug 2017   |   NASA Eclipse Page   |
  • Links for weather and observing resources (linked icons at right) (Big Meadows)
  • Links to astronomy news resources and tools (links at bottom of page)
  • Presentations on astronomy and astro gear topics (list with links follows)
  • Resources such as telescope buyers guide, info about H-alpha scopes, etc. (list with links follows)
  • Night Sky -- An extensive collection of deep sky observing lists in PDF form
  • Astrophotography -- a small portfolio of celestial images
  • Telescope Odessey -- A brief biographical sketch of the journey from my first small and classic telescope to a rather varied collection fifty years later

Feel free to browse, bookmark the various resources, and download the PDFs.






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