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This visit to Chincoteague NWR was saved by literally one single snowy egret.  Usually in June there’s plenty of action at the refuge, but this time there just wasn’t much going on.  Birds were few and far between and one had to look hard for opportunities -- which often weren't there.  Fortunately, on a couple of afternoons a young snowy chose to go fishing at the Assateague Overlook on the east side of the beach access road, a view that opens out toward Black Duck Pool and the Wildlife Loop.  This young bird spent the better part of an hour each day spinning and darting hither and yon after fish, providing me with ample opportunities for action shots as well as a few post meal stills.  The result was some of my best ever snowy action images.

Perhaps the one other high spot was the discovery that one of the pony bands had found its way onto the strip of land between the Assateague Beach parking lot and Little Tom’s Cove.  There were at least a dozen ponies in the band counting foals and I had a chance to capture a few images of mares and their youngsters.  Then the stallion noticed me and it was time to make a discrete exit from the herd.  Shortly thereafter, park and refuge staff arrived to remove the herd from the beach area.  Their plan was to route the ponies back along the beach road, but the stallion had other ideas.  As you can see, despite the best efforts of staff to redirect the herd he led his band off across the shallow waters of Little Tom’s Cove to a different part of the island.  It was a lot of fun to watch the stallion match wits with a large group of human herders and come out on top!

As a sidelight, the area between the beach and Little Tom’s Cove can be seen in one image and the pool I’ve long since dubbed Egret Alley in another.  [Update:  the standing pool in the first image and the marsh vegetation in the pony images, images which were taken between beach and Little Tom’s Cove, no longer exist.  Recent storms, including Sandy in 2012, have overwashed the entire strip of island from Atlantic Ocean beach to Little Tom’s Cove, leaving only sand and crushed shells where once shorebirds hung out in standing pools.  MWM]


BeachMarsh_ChincoNWR_June2010IMG_0056 copy BlackCrownNightHeron_ChincoNWR_2010June_S3A1560 ChincoMother&Foal_ChincoNWR_2010June_D4A0871 ChincoteagueFoalNursing_ChincoNWR_June2010_D4A0867 ChincoteagueFoal_ChincoNWR_2010June_D4A0850
ChincoteagueFoal_ChincoNWR_2010June_D4A0857 ChincoteaguePonyFoal_ChincoNWR_2010June_D4A0844 ChincoteaguePonyFoal_ChincoNWR_2010June_D4A0866 EgretAlley_ChincoNWR_June2010IMG_0070 copy ForstersTern_ChincoNWR_June2010_D4A0822
GreatBlueHeron_ChincoNWR_2010June_S3A1602 GullLaughing_ChincoNWR_June2010_D4A0722 GullLaughing_ChincoteagueVA_June2010_D4A0724 Ponies_ChincoNWR_June2010_D4A0874 copy Ponies_ChincoNWR_June2010_D4A0876 copy
Ponies_ChincoNWR_June2010_D4A0877 copy PonySeaEscape_ChincoNWR_June2010_S3A2077 copy Rabbit_ChincoNWR_June2010_S3A1892 copy SnowyEgret_ChincoNWR_2010June_S3A1740 SnowyEgret_ChincoNWR_2010June_S3A1792
SnowyEgret_ChincoNWR_2010June_S3A1836 SnowyEgret_ChincoNWR_2010June_S3A1941 SnowyEgret_ChincoNWR_2010June_S3A2001 SnowyEgret_ChincoNWR_2010June_S3A2014 SnowyEgret_ChincoNWR_2010June_S3A2027
SnowyEgret_ChincoNWR_2010June_S3A2060 TreeSwallow_ChincoNWR_June2010_S3A2070 copy WhiteTailDeer_ChincoNWR_June2010_S3A1905 copy WhiteTailDeer_ChincoNWR_June2010_S3A1911 Willet_ChincoNWR_June2010_S3A1579(BGblur)

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