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It is rare at Chincoteague NWR that one has the opportunity to photograph perched cormorants in a good setting.  Usually they are either busy fishing or too wary to tolerate photographer presence for very long.  However, this trip was different for some reason.  A large pine tree had fallen across one of the burrow ditches near Egret Alley, the culvert pool at the curve in the beach road where herons and egrets like to fish.  This tree formed a perfect perch for several double crested cormorants, and they tolerated my presence with equanimity for quite some time.

It was a good thing too, because little else was available on the refuge.  I was pleased to get the pony image, an individual that I had photographed before, as it turns out.  And the few snow geese that ventured within range were dutifully captured.  Finally, the fog bound three frame panorama of Shoveler Pool, on the east side of the Wildlife Loop, put a nice note of finality to the small collection.


CormorantDblCrest_ChincoNWR_2008Nov_1S3A0852 CormorantDblCrest_ChincoNWR_2008Nov_1S3A0901 CormorantDblCrest_ChincoNWR_2008Nov_1S3A0950 CormorantDblCrest_ChincoNWR_2008Nov_1S3A0981 CormorantDblCrest_ChincoNWR_2008Nov_1S3A1041
CormorantDblCrest_ChincoNWR_2008Nov_1S3A2388 CormorantDblCrest_ChincoNWR_2008Nov_1S3A2406 PonyPintoPalomino_ChincoNWR_2008Nov_1D3A5394 SnowGeeseFlight_ChincoNWR_2008Nov_1S3A2283 SnowGooseFlight_ChincoNWR_2008Nov_1D3A5532

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